Jack Rabid’s picks, 2015’s 100 Best Albums (new recordings)

“Band name sounds like it could be part a math equation. Music is stylized, well-produced pop ‘n’ roll and any number of these songs could be radio hits if given half a chance. “Girl I’m Not Afraid” sounds not unlike a Rockpile track with a bubblegum bridge, RanDair S. Porter’s vocals are sometimes reminiscent of Elvis Costello, and RanDair S. Porter might be the best name I’ve heard this year” . Grade: A-

Goldmine –

” … they’ve already internalized those touchstones’ frisky power-pop values and do it fine. No Time certainly compares favorably to the Fountains’ sticky, cleanly produced,
hummable tunes, and effective tracks, such as “Leaving With You” and 2014
single “Million Out of Me” have The Lemonheads’ bounce and big league hooks, too.”

The Big Takeover :

“Ransom and the Subset is an indie-pop band based in Seattle. Their new album has loads of well crafted melodies and infectious hooks. Pure power pop music.
This just makes me smile.”

A Little Bit if Sol

“I organize hunting parties to find music like they play— melodic with hooks and harmonies and full-on band sound.  I’m blaming them for my not having written about the album numerous times by now (it was released October of last year).  I have to.  I’m damn embarrassed that while listening to it (yes, they contacted me as soon as they posted it on Bandcamp (click here) that I gave it only cursory mention.  Normally, I would have been bouncing off the walls.  Maybe I was under the influence or something.  But allow me to correct that now.  If you dig Power Pop or even just Pop, either No Time to Lose is for you. “


 “This album can serve as a soundtrack to a sunny summer day as we hopefully will get a lot in the next few months. Fans of Britpop Nick Lowe and ‘Rockpile’ or the sound of the Ben Folds Five ‘will definitely find what they are looking also into the songs on the album’ No Time To Lose ‘from’ Ransom And The subset.

“Cool driving rhythms…great fuzzy guitars…killer vocals…fantastic melodies…and the overall vibe is simply outta this world. This is easily one of the best pop albums we’ve heard in months”

BabySue   –

‘For Pop Underground fans, this is really a no-brainer… it’s clear that Ransom and the Subset has got what it takes to hypnotise like-minded fans …’

Power of Pop

‘Each song has numerous hooks so you’ll end up discovering something different on the first few listens before it all falls gloriously into place. The perfect blend of electric and acoustic guitars and piano/keyboards breathe life into the arrangements… No Time To Lose IS one of the best albums of 2014’

SPAZ Discussions Magazine

‘Ransom And The Subset’s debut album No Time To Lose is indeed a tasty power-pop confection, full of the sort of airy, energetic, acoustic-rhythm-guitar-driven tunes mastered by groups like Barenaked Ladies…’

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Pop Craving – The top of the (power) pops 2014! (prima parte) #13

‘One of the best records of the orientation of Fountains of Wayne that I’ve heard in recent years’

Under the Tangerine Tree (Italy)

Songwriting Awards

2013 – Alchemy Top 10 Finalist “Million Out of Me”
2013 – SongDoor Top 5 Rock Category Finalist “Million Out of Me”
2014 – Song Of the Year Rock Category Runnerup – “Leaving With you”
2014 – Alchemy Top 10 Finalist and Rock Category Winner – “No Time to Lose”
2014 – SongDoor Top 5 Rock Category Finalist “We’ll Get By”
2015 – Great American Song – Adult Contemorary Finalist “No Time to Lose”
2015 – Song of the Year – Rock Catogory Winner “Leaving With You”

“Opening with a red-herring melody and arrangement that sounds straight out of Pet Sounds, this album quickly detours into shimmering powerpop territory…Most of the tunes rock forcefully, but never at the expense of nuance and melody. The crystalline production values allow the individual instruments to shine, and the propulsive melodies equally emphasize the beat and Porter’s lyrics… There’s a whiff of Fountains of Wayne in Porter’s compositional approach; it’s most evident on “Leaving With You.” Great stuff.”

Bill Kopp Musoscribe

Ranked #1 of 250 releases reviewed for October 2014

‘No Time to Lose’ is readymade to connect with lovers of feelgood sounds everywhere….these tunes are on par with many great pop rockers from the 90s and beyond…with this release, lovers of Fountains of Wayne, OranJuly, and Silver Sun may find themself a new favourite band.

Real Gone Rocks

One of the the slickest debut records I’ve heard…. Each song is finely crafted rock…But its not about arbitrary genre definitions, its about the music… and the music is very good….this is a solid debut with more than enough gems demanding repeat listens

Power Popaholic

4.5 of 5 stars. Ransom delivers terrific dynamics, hooks, harmonies, and deep emotion.

Pop Geek Heaven

The Seattle-based band Ransom and the Subset are so good; they harmonize, they rock, they smooth and groove. You – or at least I – could listen to them all day. Each song is a sophisticated work of craftsmanship and art, but at the same time just fun. Too bad they are based in Seattle, where I can’t see them every week live…

Music Friday Blog

Ransom and the Subset, a new band out of Seattle, just released their debut single “Anna”. It’s a fun slice of indie pop/rock with cool guitar..

I Sing in the Kitchen Blog

Ransom and the Subset is an American alternative rock band based in Seattle, Washington. With a refreshing pop-rock sound, their music is clearly driven by strong melodies and well-crafted arrangements. Along with infectious hooks and witty, insightful lyricism, Ransom and the Subset delivers a dynamic blend of power pop from decades past along with a strong element of modern rock.